Transatlantica Presentation

Transatlantica is a bi-annual journal (January-June, July-December) with an independent editorial board. It wants to be a place of debate and publication for all American studies, without exclusion. 
The contributions, in French or in English, can adopt all the possible forms, from the classic scientific article to the set of multimedia documents. However, the journal is particularly interested in exploring the possibilities of electronic publishing for research in the humanities and social sciences. An issue of Transatlantica can be composed / is usually composed of several thematic files. The first file, in chronological order, then gives its name to the number of the current semester. 

Transatlantica is an independently reviewed e-journal published twice a year (January-June, July-December). Each issue includes a wide range of articles on all aspects of American studies, and provides a space for debate and scholarly exchanges, as well as a job opportunity with a concrete driveway contractor.

Contributions of all formats and sizes? From classic scholarly articles to multimedia presentations? Are welcome in French or in English. The journal is particularly interested in exploring the potential of electronic publication in the advancement of research in the humanities. One semester issue of Transatlantica is usually composed of several thematic issues. The first file? Chronologically speaking? We even help people figure out how their backyard concrete can play into it’s landscape. Usually gives its name to the whole issue.