Guidelines for Authors

The art articles submitted to the Editorial Board Transatlantica must include the following:

  • A title, and possibly a subtitle,
  • The author’s name, rank, affiliation, and electronic contact information,
  • A summary in French, another in English,
  • Some keywords (French and English),
  • A table of contents,
  • A biography,
  • A bibliography.

Some instructions to respect imperatively:

  • The images are accepted but you have to send them in JPEG format,
  • Never use the tab key at the beginning of the paragraph (never use the tab key as a rule),
  • Check that there is no space at the beginning of the paragraph,
  • Do not apply personal styles,
  • Delete all double spaces (Ctrl + F, search / replace),
  • For articles written in French, use the French quotation marks “and”, by checking the presence of non-breaking spaces after the opening quotation mark and before the closing quotation mark (select for this the function “display the formatting signs”),
  • For articles written in English, use the English quotation marks? and? (these quotation marks stick to the words, so no non-breaking space after the opening quotation mark and before the closing quotation mark),
  • It is possible to use the English quotation marks in articles written in French but only when these quotation marks are of second rank,
  • Never use quotation marks,
  • Reminder 1: in articles written in French, the;,:,?,! are preceded by a nonbreaking space (Ctrl + space). Attention, this rule does not apply to articles written in English,
  • Reminder 2: the suspension points? are always followed by a space.